Kokutaku Japan / China

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Kokutaku is a proven global brand in table tennis. The table tennis accessories of this company are of proven quality and very affordable prices. The Chinese manufacturer based in Tianjin has been making great hits among the rubbers and blades for over 20 years. These are the “868 Tokyo”, “007 Taiwan” and “730 Tokyo” series which over the years have proven to be very suitable for amateurs thanks to their excellent playing characteristics and affordable price. 

In recent years, Kokutaku has started to offer table tennis blades that are more in the professional segment than in the amateur one. The two new series “Sea Monster” and “Fire Seed” are distinguished by excellent craftsmanship and wonderful playing characteristics. Despite their low price, these series of woods incorporate many quality materials and a fine understanding of the needs of modern table tennis.

 Kokutaku have their own innovative line in the development of rubbers and blades and unlike many other Chinese manufacturers do not blindly copy the success of the World Brands, but strive to develop their products according to their own concept.