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Yasaka / Ma Lin Extra Offensive

Yasaka / Ma Lin Extra Offensive
Yasaka / Ma Lin Extra Offensive Yasaka / Ma Lin Extra Offensive
Brand: Yasaka Japan / Sweden
Product Code: Yas-ML-EO
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Price: 62.59лв.

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Yasaka / Ma Lin Extra Offensive

2007 the Chinese superstar Ma Lin dominated the PRO TOUR, by collecting more points and price money than any other player. Ma also won the PRO TOUR GRAND FINAL in men’s single, December 2007. 

Together with Ma Lin Yasaka technicians has developed Ma Lin EXTRA OFFENSIVE, a blade with very good speed performance, in own attacks as well as in the important blocking play.

Speed:  18

Control:  15

Sweet-spot: Large

Head Thickness: 5.7mm

Weight:  85g

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