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Victas Japan

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Victas /  V-Backpack 413
Victas /  V-Backpack 413 Premium backpack with rolltop opening made from robust and sli..
Victas /  V-Bag 412
Victas /  V-Bag 412 Premium sports bag made of durable 600D polyester for training and ..
Victas /  V-Case 415
Victas /  V-Case 415 Premium bat case with mesh insert for extra accessories. Perfect p..
Victas / Dyna Seven new
Victas / Dyna Seven new VICTAS Dyna Seven is the new multi-talent among VICTAS’ premium blades. T..
136.71лв. 109.37лв.
Victas / Edge tape
Victas / Edge tape  5m roll ..
Victas / Edge tape
Victas / Edge tape  50m roll ..
Victas / Fire Fall AC
Victas / Fire Fall AC New design The Fire Fall AC is the fastest blade of the VICTAS Fire Fall..
Victas / Fire Fall FC
Victas / Fire Fall FC New Design Fire Fall FC is the blade of the VICTAS Fire Fall series with..
Victas / Fire Fall HC
Victas / Fire Fall HC   Fire Fall HC is an uncompromising OFF blade for aggressive attack..
175.83лв. 140.66лв.
Victas / Fire Fall SC
Victas / Fire Fall SC   The Fire Fall SC is a perfectly balanced offensive blade for mode..
175.83лв. 140.66лв.
Victas / Fire Fall VC
Victas / Fire Fall VC   The Fire Fall VC is a High-Tech product featuring innovative, aer..
175.83лв. 140.66лв.
Victas / Koji Matsushita
Victas / Koji Matsushita The VICTAS Koji Matsushita is the premium product among defensive blades..
Victas / Koji Matsushita Defensive
Victas / Koji Matsushita Defensive Koji Matsushita Defensive is a premium-quality, Japanese def..
Victas / Koji Matsushita Offensive
Victas / Koji Matsushita Offensive Modern defenders like the great Japanese talent, Yuto Mura..
Victas / Koji Matsushita Special
Victas / Koji Matsushita Special The new Koji Matsushita Special made by VICTAS combines innovati..
Victas / Koki Niwa new
Victas / Koki Niwa new The outstanding Japanese player Koki Niwa who has been among the worlds to..
Victas / Koki Niwa Wood
Victas / Koki Niwa Wood Koki Niwa Wood is a 7-ply premium off-blade for close-to-the-table attack..
Victas / V>15 Extra
Victas / V > 15 Extra The ultimate weapon for aggressive offensive players! V > 15 Extra is..
97.59лв. 76.08лв.
Victas / V>15 Limber
Victas / V > 15 Limber The ultimate weapon for spin-oriented offensive players! V > 15 Limb..
97.59лв. 72.17лв.
Victas / V>15 Stiff
Victas / V>15 Stiff he ultimate weapon for offensive players - uncompromising speed and spin! ..
97.59лв. 76.08лв.
Victas / V-shirt 211
Victas / V-shirt 211 High-quality performance shirt in Japanese National Team design made of espe..
87.82лв. 72.17лв.
Victas / V-shirt 211 Blue
Victas / V-shirt 211 Blue High-quality performance shirt in Japanese National Team design made of..
87.82лв. 72.17лв.
Victas / V-shorts 311
Victas / V-shorts 311 Modern shorts for ambitious players. The light functional fibre material an..
58.48лв. 48.70лв.
Victas / V-Tracksuit 111
Victas / V-Tracksuit 111 Innovative performance tracksuit made of very elastic and comfortable fu..
185.41лв. 156.27лв.
Victas / VO>103
Victas / VO > 103 VO > 103 is the new benchmark for variable and dangerous short pips-out a..
78.04лв. 58.65лв.
Victas / VS > 402 Double Extra
Victas / VS > 402 Double Extra   The VS > 402 Double Extra is a further development..
83.90лв. 64.35лв.
Victas / VS > 402 Limber
Victas / VS > 402 Limber The VS > 402 Limber is the softest variant of the tacky VICTAS VS ..
83.90лв. 66.30лв.
Victas / VS>401
Victas VS > 401   The VICTAS VS > 401 rubber offers the perfect balance between a t..
83.90лв. 64.35лв.
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  • Yinhe
  • TSP
  • Kokutaku
  • Giant Dragon
  • Victas
  • XIOM
  • DHS
Sword / 309
72.17лв. 58.65лв.
Yinhe / Galaxy T-11 +
54.76лв. 46.92лв.
Based on 3 reviews.
Yinhe / Galaxy Big Dipper
33.05лв. 29.34лв.
Yinhe / Galaxy N-9 S
24.45лв. 19.56лв.
Based on 2 reviews.
Gewo / Mega FLEX Control
62.39лв. 31.10лв.
Yinhe / Galaxy 04B bat
26.01лв. 22.96лв.
Victas / V>15 Extra
97.59лв. 76.08лв.
TSP / Ventus Speed
72.17лв. 58.65лв.
Gewo / Nexxus EL Pro 48
93.68лв. 74.79лв.
Yasaka / Mark V
51.14лв. 48.70лв.
Based on 3 reviews.
Yasaka / Rakza X
76.08лв. 68.84лв.
Yasaka / Goiabao 5
62.19лв. 53.20лв.
Based on 1 reviews.
Yasaka / Rakza 7 Soft
69.24лв. 58.65лв.
Based on 5 reviews.
Victas / V>15 Limber
97.59лв. 72.17лв.
Yinhe / Galaxy 08B bat
52.61лв. 45.96лв.
TSP / Ventus Spin
72.17лв. 58.65лв.
Gewo / Nexxus EL Pro 50 Hard
103.46лв. 83.90лв.
Gewo / Nexxus EL Pro 53 Hard
103.46лв. 83.90лв.
Gewo / Nexxus XT Pro 50 Hard
103.46лв. 83.90лв.
Gewo / Sensus Carbo Speed
244.28лв. 171.91лв.
Gewo / Sensus Carbo Touch
234.50лв. 156.27лв.
Gewo / Sensus Powereeling
136.71лв. 97.59лв.
Victas / VS > 402 Limber
83.90лв. 66.30лв.
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