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DHS / Skyline 3 Neo

DHS / Skyline 3 Neo
Brand: DHS China
Product Code: DHS / Skyline 3 Neo
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Price: 33.25лв.

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DHS / Skyline 3 Neo
Skyline TG (Technology Generation) 3. Control+Speed. Fast, continual and dense attack. Skyline 3 rubber made with new technique has quicker attacking power with loop drive. Pursuing shape change, and high speed is produced even if no force were put on actively. Fast resuming of shape change may ensure continual loop attack. Then your opponent will be under attack pressure of continual loop. Colloid combined with flexibility and glutinosity perfectly, the act extent of loop is becoming small and piercing. Representative: Wang Hao.
Speed : 11
Spin : 11
Control : 11
Sponge thickness : 2,2mm

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