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Delivery & Payment


Items from our online shop for table tennis equipment can be delivered to any country worldwide.

If you prefer shipping without tracking number (economy shipping) the prices starts from only 5 euro.

There is also priority express shipping with DHL for fastest delivery.


All the items that we have in stock are shipped within two working days. For all products with pre-order please ask or send an inquiry via the contact form.

The free shipping is not valid for promorional products, bags, nets and tables.

We can give you an approximate times for delivery in working days for every country based on our experience!


Dear customers, for your convenience we offer the following payment methods:
1. Payment via paypal

  • Giant Dragon
  • Kokutaku
  • TSP
  • Yinhe
  • Yasaka
  • Victas
  • XIOM
  • DHS
Yasaka / Rakza Z
87.62лв. 78.21лв.
Victas / V > 03
78.04лв. 62.39лв.
Victas / V>11 Extra
91.73лв. 78.04лв.
Victas /  V-Squarebag 418
83.90лв. 64.52лв.
Victas /  V-Backpack 417
78.04лв. 58.65лв.
Victas /  V-Bag 416
97.59лв. 78.04лв.
Victas / V-Tracksuit 112
175.83лв. 97.59лв.
Victas / V-shorts 312
58.48лв. 31.10лв.
Victas / V-Ladyshirt 217
70.21лв. 38.92лв.
Victas / V-Tshirt 216
54.57лв. 38.92лв.
Victas / V-shirt 215
78.04лв. 38.92лв.
Victas / V-Ladyshirt 214
78.04лв. 38.92лв.
Victas / V-Тshirt 213
58.48лв. 38.92лв.
Victas / V-shirt 212
78.04лв. 38.92лв.
Donic / Net Stress
89.77лв. 78.04лв.
TSP / Shirt Hana Lady
64.35лв. 21.32лв.
TSP / Bat wallet Osaka
33.05лв. 25.82лв.
TSP / Backpack Kyoso
87.82лв. 48.88лв.
TSP / Short Raku
48.70лв. 25.23лв.
TSP / Shirt Hikari Lime
78.04лв. 25.23лв.
TSP / Shirt Hikari black
78.04лв. 25.23лв.
TSP / Tracksuit Hikari Navy
136.71лв. 68.26лв.
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